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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Kit- Gift Giving

Gift Giving by Designs by Sarah

Here is a great holiday theme'd kit with tons of easy to use and even generic items in it! The generic items aren't overly theme'd so you don't necessarily have to use them during Winter or Christmas! :) 

The above kit coordinates perfectly with the gorgeous Snow Maiden tube by Verymany!


New Mini Kit- Sexy Xmas + Tuts

Sexy Xmas Mini by Designs by Sarah

Here is a holiday theme'd mini kit that is perfect for that quick project with a great unique tube!



Saturday, October 20, 2012

PMTw/S Inspiration Blog Train!

Hi all! If you are following along the PMTw/S Inspiration Blog Train, then you've hopped over here from Pimp'd Designz blog, to snag up my freebie! :) So without further ago~ here is my portion of the Blog Train! Enjoy!

And, head over to the next stop ~~~~> Alika's Scraps Blog!

Want some blog train freebie cluster frames that match this theme?!
Head to our PMTw/S Blog to snag them up! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Kit- Thankful + PU Freebie + Tuts

Thankful by Designs by Sarah

I've also whipped up a super fun freebie that coordinates with the above kit, as well as in the Nov 1st issue of Tagger's Art e-Zine, I'll have another awesome matching freebie for this kit! So don't forget to stop by the Tagger's Art website to snag it on Nov 1st!

Find the above extra freebie during Nov. edition of Taggers Art e-Zine HERE!


New Kit- Supernatural

Supernatural by Designs by Sarah


{all below tutorials can be found *here*}

New Store Collab- Save the Boobies!

Save the Boobies; Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps Store Collab


{all below tutorials can be found *here*}

There literally are TONS of tutorials on our Tut Writers Blog, these are just a few of them!

New Kit- Braaaaaains!

Braaaaains! by Designs by Sarah


{all below tutorials can be found *here*}

Monday, October 08, 2012

Attention Taggers...

Hi all! This was recently put onto Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps Facebook Page and I wanted to copy and paste it here so everyone knows where I stand! Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave a comment or if you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask!


It was recently brought to our (PMTw/S) attention that there is some mis-information floating around and directly tied to our store. The topic pertains to credits on tags, tutorials and the like. The only people who can demand that you (tagger) put a credit on a tag is the artist who created the tube/image you are using in said tag. It's their image legally and by rights
, therefore you must credit the artist on your tag. In more cases than not, the designer of the scrap kit you are using in your tag does not legally have the right to demand that credit be placed on their tag as it conflicts with the terms of use of the original CU OK elements used in creating a kit.

It is not the collective view and opinion of our store that we designers and our tut writers require kit credit to be placed on any tags created with our kits purchased at our store.

And another very important topic... Our store and our designers are NOT against taggers using our scrap kits that we sell and tagging for their friends and for always lists. We fully support always lists and being creative! Certain tutorial writers have adjusted their terms of use in such a way that they demand credit for the use of their "idea" for the tag, which is NOT the opinion of our store or our designers. We can not control how a tutorial writer decides to write their terms of use, nor should our store be looked upon badly because of how any particular tutorial writer states their terms of use!

We designers create these kits for you to be inspired, just like the artists make amazing images and tubes for you taggers to use to feel creative and inspired! We WANT you to use our kits in combination with tubes from artists and we want you to follow our tutorial writers tuts that we have listed here:

We highly encourage all creative behavior and wanted to clear the air and let our customers and all taggers out there know that the views and opinions of some particular tutorial writers recently are NOT our own. These words here are our views and opinions and we stand behind them. The only thing we discourage is the straight out sharing of our kits, which will always be against all of our terms of use. And as always, if you read a terms of use that you do not agree with, then move on! There are plenty of other tutorial writers out there with awesome tutorials for you to follow and enjoy!

There is no reason to ban a whole store or any one scrap kit designers kits based on one tutorial writers opinion and views, they DO NOT reflect the whole store, nor do they reflect the other tutorial writers on the creative team! Thank you so much for understanding and for your continued support! ♥

Monday, October 01, 2012

October Blog Train PU Freebie

Hello visitors! Been a while since there was a blog train post on this here blog, ehh? Well, Jessica from Gothic Inspirations has started up her choo choo train for October with a great theme! So, I joined up, which I've been known to do! LOL! ;) Enjoy!

Find the rest of the stops on the train here:

Download the above PERSONAL USE papers HERE!

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